Monday, May 23, 2011

Cheap Tablet PC UK - Best Android Tablet Under £100

Current news on updates to Google's tablet PC specific Android OS, Honeycomb being that it will be rolling out to new and existing 3.0 Android users from next month, upgrading it to the latest 3.1 version.

This includes the Motorola Xoom tablet PC, see my previous post for details, which has recently been released in UK with the Android 3.0 platform.

But also the 10.1" tablet PCs from ASUS and Acer (the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and Acer Iconia Tab A500) have advised they will also be upgraded, with a UK release date of early June.

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Tablet PCs in 2011
It seems that the tablet PC is going to be an ever-changing gadget in the UK, certainly over the next few months, as the tablet PC tries to capture the impressive solid features and intense loyalty that the Apple iPad has managed to build for it's customers. In the long run, the main benefit that the Android and Windows tablets will have is the lower price point but with these continuous and ongoing updates it will be sometime yet before they can really compete and compare favourably with the iPad's stable and complete iOS. So it is possibly, still too early to gauge which will be the best tablet PC to buy.

TabTech NATPC - Best 7" Android Tablet PC UK, Under £100

Best Tablet under £100
However, tablets are fast becoming must-have gadgets, so in the meantime if you just want to buy a decent but cheap tablet PC in the UK, then checkout the Tabtech's NATPC M009S 2GB Tablet PC which runs on the previous Android incarnation, 2.2 (Gingerbread). With access to the Android app market, 7" touchscreen and WiFi. This is a very decent tablet PC and very good value for your money.

Best Android Tablet under £100 UK - NATPC M009S 7" Tablet PC

Basic Spec:
* Google Android 2.2 OS
* VIA 8650 300-800MHz
* 7" LCD Touchscreen 800 x 480 px
* 0.3 MP Camera
* Flash 10.1 Supported
* 2GB Memory plus expandable by memory card

For more details, spec and reviews, visit: Amazon UK: Tabtech NATPC M009S 2GB Google Android Tablet PCTabTech NATPC - Best Tablet Under £100 Android OS

Best Cheap Tablet PC UK
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